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We transform organic plants and animals waste into organic fertilizer. By so doing, we are transforming a waste management challenge into an opportunity for soil enrichment and better farming practices. That is also why we only practice organic farming in our agricultural ventures.

Organic Fertilizer

Waste management and transformation is what we do—and we do it well. The end result is organic fertilizer which is used for organic farming.

Organic Farm Products

We cultivate organic crops and products on-demand and for the market; growing, processing, packaging, labeling and distribution.


We are mobilizing funds to launch a low-cost production of premium quality fresh fish. Contact us for investment opportunity.

Green spaces & gardens

Green spaces and gardens bring health and happiness; that’s why we do it! We are always available to transform your environment. Contact us

Consultancy & Projects Management

Our consultancy services include; environmental assessments, agricultural consultancy, Research and projects design and management.

Delivery Service

We provide products packaging, labeling and delivery services for all our products in the cities of Yaounde and Douala from Monday to Saturday.

About us

Closed-Loop System Ventures is a social enterprise founded in 2016 by a young Cameroonian Entrepreneur. The enterprise is specialized in waste management and transformation of it into organic fertilizer, organic farming, aquaculture, green spaces creation and maintenance, training, environmental consultancy and project management.

Our Vision & Mission: To become the largest waste valorization company in Cameroon with integrated production activities in the agricultural sector. To establish a circular economy model whereby everything we produce as waste is transformed into something useful for reintroduction into the value chain.

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We are conscious of the fact that our initiative plays a vital role in keeping the environment clean as we strive on a day to day basis on reducing the amount of waste which ends up in landfills, thereby increasing the lifespan of the landfills. More and more people are beginning to cultivate the habit of waste sorting which is essential for effective waste valorization.

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Waste Collection

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Organic Fertilizer

CLS-Ventures, Site

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Fruits and Vegetables

Our Team

We believe that greater impact can be made when more heads come together and work together. We believe in the power of team work and collaboration and continuously strive to support one another.

Patu F. Ndango

Managing Director & Founder

Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Expert

Munji N. Desmond

Production Engineer

Specialists in the field of environmental engineering and management.

Millie Ndumbe

Community Manager

Waste Management Engineer

Cedric Nsoyuri Wirba

Operations Manager

Information and Communications Technologies Engineer


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Our Current Products & Pricing Table

Stay tuned as we update our products and pricing structure regularly in response to market changes in demand and supply.

Green spaces & gardens

  • Land Assessment
  • Cost analysis
  • Design Work
  • Proposals
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  • Project Review
  • Research Work
  • Project ReDesign
  • Project Management
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Organic Products

  • Lemon-grass Tea
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Grains
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Recent Activities

Check below our recent activities, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua ut enim ad minim veniam

Capacity Building Workshop – With graduate and future graduates from OIC.

June, 2017 Buea Cameroon

It was an opportunity for us to discuss the challenges faced by the Cameroonians youths, and how we could transform these challenges into opportunities.

At Closed-Loop System Ventures, we like when passion speaks

Since 2016 We are in Action

We’re passionate about transforming environmental challenges into opportunities; we work hard for it and enjoy every step of the way. If you feel the same, we’d love to have you on our team. Simply send your cv to career@cls-ventures.com

The YALI West Africa Experience – A turning point for engaged African entrepreneurs.

March 2017 Lagos Nigeria

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by the United States government under the leadership of President Barrack Obama as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs. We must then be that change we want to see

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Outstanding customer support is our utmost commitment, and we truly feel honored to serve the communities and businesses of our growing customers base.

Contact us on the address below to benefit from our wide range of services, or to invest with us or simply for general inquiry, we would always get back to you!